Why a Boca Tanning Club?

For investors interested in a UV tanning and sunless tanning franchise but unsure which one will offer the best return on their investment, there are numerous reasons why Boca Tanning Club stands apart from its competitors.

The first differentiator is the state- of-the-art facility itself. Boca Tanning Club has revolutionized the entire tanning industry with the unique concept of 24 hour tanning, which offers an unparalleled level of convenience to consumers. When you combine this with the exotic rainforest d├ęcor and commitment to excellent customer service, you have a location that clients travel hours to experience.

The top-of-the-line equipment found in every Boca Tanning Club location also serves to prove that this exceptional tanning franchise is a cut above the rest. Unlike the average UV tanning and sunless tanning franchise, which bases its rates on low-level beds and charges higher rates for the higher-level beds, Boca Tanning Club locations are home only to Super Beds, which are the most technologically advanced beds in the industry. This top-of-the-line equipment allows for less exposure time to achieve the same golden glow, one tan being equal to four tans at the club’s competitors, which ensures that the clients’ skin stays beautiful today, tomorrow and beyond. Boca Tanning Clubs also offer state-of- the-art tanning booths, which offer the strongest and fastest vertical tan on the planet.

When one invests in a tanning franchise, they want to know that the company will be there to offer the support needed to reap the best possible return on investment. For that reason, Boca Tanning Club is proud to offer its comprehensive support to all locations. From location research to salon construction, Boca Tanning Club will be there for investors at every step. Employee training and technical support are provided to ensure that each location meets Boca Tanning Club’s outstanding quality standards. Advertising strategies will also be provided to ensure that news of the tanning franchise reaches potential customers effectively.