Opening Doors to a Premier Lifestyle

In the world of UV and sunless tanning, there is one company that stands tall over the competition, earning customer loyalty and glowing recommendations as it spreads across the nation. This company is Boca Tanning Club. From UV tanning to spray tanning, our exceptional customer service and top-of-the-line technology has led Boca Tanning Club to be declared by tanning industry leaders and consumers alike to be the number one tanning salon in all of Florida. And as our franchise continues to spread across the nation, consumers all over the United States will soon have access to an incredible tanning opportunity.

The Company Behind Boca Tanning Club

Savvy business minded individuals looking to invest in a proven business formula, one that has shown itself capable of generating profits, would be well advised to consider the franchising opportunities offered by Boca Tanning Club. This tanning franchise has swept across South Florida and is now in the process of branching out across the nation. By investing in Boca Tanning Club, entrepreneurs will be in on the ground floor of this exciting opportunity.

Boca Tanning Club was founded in 2002 and quickly became popular due to its unique atmosphere and convenient hours of operation. With its rainforest décor, top of the line equipment and the fact that it is open 24 hours a day, it was only natural that this innovative company would go on to become a tanning franchise. In fact, by word of mouth alone Boca Tanning Club nearly sold out of locations in the South Florida Market, and that is just the beginning of what is sure to become a nationwide success story. With the tanning industry raking in $7 billion a year and the service sector standing as the fastest growing segment of our nation’s economy, the time has never been better to invest in a tanning franchise. With over 30 million consumers estimated to receive indoor tans every year, tanning salons are more popular than ever.

What makes Boca Tanning Club stand apart from other franchising opportunities is the unparalleled level of support that it offers its salons. When one commits to the Boca Tanning Club, the company dedicates itself to generating a substantial return on that investment. This includes completing a market analysis, demographic study and location research to find the best possible site for one’s business and assisting with the construction, design and décor of the salon. The Boca Tanning Club also provides training, technical support and marketing strategies to ensure the longevity of every location of their tanning franchise.


“I love boca tanning club! I used to hate tanning beds because i would get hot and sweaty but these beds are awesome!! about every 30-45 seconds there are cool mists of water sprayed and you have a fan going the entire time…..its AMAZING! i would reccomend Boca Tanning to anyone who is looking for a tanning salon!”